Philly Hunt - Artist
Transient dwellers of an outpost frontier-land settlement
Created as part of a solo exhibition ‘A Film We’re All Writing’, all 2016

‘Elsie listens to the blues on the radio outside The Parodize Motel’, wearing her band t-shirt. Her soap opera has finished and the TV flickers in the background as the others gather under the baobab tree’
Acrylic and ink.

'SidAlf at kitchen table of The Parodize Motel. After the storm'
Acrylic and ink.

'"'Did you wanna ride without a word in between?' He can understand she needs a minute to breathe and to sew up the seems, after all this defeat."
Monoprint and acrylic paint on paper.

‘Daytime TV’

‘No fire. Crackling desert. Creakling radiowaves. Renegades.’

‘Death to my hometown, boys’

'Sid and Tom listen for water on the radio'
Monoprint and collage

‘Tom’s story’
Ink on paper
‘SidAlf keeps an eye out over the dusk, waiting for a joke. He hasn’t heard one in a while. He’s got a good one to tell.’

‘Waiting for a midnight joke’
Monoprint and screenprint

‘Vacancies for vampires’
Monoprint and screenprint

Monoprint on paper

Cargo Collective, Inc.
Los Angeles, Calif.