Philly Hunt - Artist

As sure as paths lead us through places, they also lead us across time, revealing the histories and legacies of places and people. And as the paths we tread are eroded and diverted by circumstance, so are the tales we tell of them. This is folklore. Our forests are full of it.
Where language's rigid, absolute and immaterial ways fail to teach of nature's laws and lores, the sensual experience of walking succeeds. To proceed through terrain and elements, one must tread lightly and adapt.

This project hints at the shared social and geographical histories and futures archived across the land.
It aims to incite awe at the majesty of the worlds' forests.

A filmic installation shows projected images being diverted and intercepted by staggered sheer 'screens' of paper, fabric, branches and leaves. The footage, the slides and the formal set up of the installation reflect the archived histories of the place and its people.
Viewers are invited to walk amongst the 'screens' so as to become immersed in the stories and spirit of the forest. They walk barefoot on a bark covered floor.

Another aspect of this project is a programme of talks by various speakers, all focusing on walking. Ultimately the intent is to communicate the inadequacy of language to convey such personal and sensuous experiences, which is in turn an attempt to encourage walking.
Walking is our truest access point to understanding the importance of environmental conservation.

The installation is adaptable to various settings and locations, and a pack is available with all installation instructions and requirements, a dvd containing the footage, as well as the original darkroom photographic prints. A synopsis of the project that describes the intricacies and different aspects of the installation is included.
It is intended that this projects acts as a framework to educate people and communities by being adapted by those communities to their own surroundings and stories. 
Cargo Collective, Inc.
Los Angeles, Calif.