Philly Hunt - Artist
An ongoing visual and theoretical research project into art as an activism and awareness tool.
Eventual outcomes may be visual realisations, events or workshops, written documentation and research and a publication.


Philosophy writer Timothy Morton considers that the problem with the way we talk to each other about global warming, is that it’s ‘a belief war’. He says “It defaults to one kind of belief strcuture competing with another, so the [other person] thinks they have to replace their belief with another”.

This project aims to explore ways in which visual interventions can accomodate adjusted thinking about the way we communicate over important issues, and how we may begin to empathise before we become defensive of our own position. How can visual or artistic solutions mitigate hostility in the sharing of beliefs/preferences between people, and therefore bring about more productive communication for personal and communal behaviour change?
This comes out of a lack of trust in the way that current arts activism can appeal to the widest potential audience.


Stage 1: Fan art
Why is fan art a communiction and expression medium, useful for mitigating hostility and bridging gulfs?
- It’s an invitation to share excitement for a bit.
- It’s a way to find similar people to ourselves, without the political weight of ‘church and state’ related areas of belief.
- It requires no formal ability or framework
- It can validate personal lives as social/emotional currency when being an active community member e.g bring what you can to the table!
- It may have a good voice for communication with younger audiences on their own playing field.
- It offers, perhaps with some persuasion and guidance, a way for makers to explore how cultural products reference their own and others’ realities.
- It makes use of already well-known figures/products for increased visibility and sharing.

Cargo Collective, Inc.
Los Angeles, Calif.